Tape My Car is an headaway technology of GPS tracking which provide you a live location of your car anytime and anywhere. Aside from the location, it also provide you speed, direction, and many more useful parameters . This technology allows you to manage your car and don’t let it avert from your eyes.

Awesome Features

Here are some highlight feature of our system

Live Location

You can check your live location with our interactive portal anytime and anywhere.

Ignition Detection

Our system can also detect the ignition status of your vehicle. You can set an sms alert for Ignition ON/OFF status.


You can also stop your car with our app or browser portal or sending an sms by your phone.


App Dashboard

This is our interactive user friendly app dashboard

 We provide you user friendly interactive mobile app to manage and utilize all the seemless feature of tape my car. 


Lightning Fast Service

Immediately after installing our device, Your vehicle is ready to track. Our interface is easy to use for implementing best service with our competitors. 

All in one Designed

Multi-Platform site and Application

We give you multi-platform design means you can access our application to see your vehicle status with any platform.

Why Us?

Here are some features we offer you to make you attract at our product.


Map Replay

You can replay your full route where your vehicle moved.


All Vehicle Support

Our device is compatible with all your vehicle and can be installed at any of your vehicle.

Smart Notification

You can set custom notification for your car to see notification for ignition, low fuel & etc.

MIS Report

You can also get MIS report to better manage your many fleets simulataneosly.

Remote Engine Cutoff

Our system also gave some anti-theft feature. you can cutoff your engine with just few clicks.

Trip & Stoppage Report

You can also see the report of your trip and stoppage with our portal and app.

Contact Us

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    Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. If  you don’t find your question feel free to contact us.

    You just have to first fill up the contact form and tell us you are interested to buy. then we will contact you shortly within 24 hrs.

    No it is not free for lifetime. After one year, you have to give some renew charges to continue your software service.

    After one year, you have to pay some renew charges to continue using our software. Renew charges will be informed to you at time of purchase.

    No, We don’t have any hidden charges everything will be informed before purchase to you.

    Yes we also provide coupon discount but it has to be our exclusive coupon. You can also get discount at some festive season.

    We also provide demo service before purchasing to satisfy your need and suite your taste.

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